Most Likely Underdogs to Win in the Democratic Primary

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The democratic candidates outside of the top 4 have fallen into irrelevance. Beto was a democratic phenom in 2018, but now no one cares about him. Buttigieg is leading in fundraising yet is slipping in the polls. There are also many other candidates who most Americans forget are running.

Of the 20 or so underdogs, there are a couple who still have a chance. Buttigieg, Gabbard, Yang, and Castro are the most likely people to fall in this category.

mayor pete

Pete Buttigieg

Money is important in politics and Buttigieg is winning the fundraising game. He has collected more than any other candidate at this point in the race. His $24.8 million is $3 million more than Biden and double that of Kamala Harris.

Mayor Pete is a dream candidate for the democratic party. He is young, a veteran, gay, and far left. Buttigieg also comes across as extremely intelligent. A strong performance in the next debate will likely help him more than any other candidate.

Tulsi Gabbard.jpg

Tulsi Gabbard

Gabbard is without a doubt a long shot. She performed well at the last debate and the media barely gave her any attention. Although she isn’t popular on cable news, she is popular on social media. So much so that Twitter CEO has donated thousands to her campaign.

Gabbard has a moderate record in congress and has gotten attacked from both sides of the aisle. She is a gifted politician and checks off a lot of boxes of what the left wants from a candidate. Her website describes her as,

“a mixed race woman, combat veteran, martial artist, lifelong vegetarian, and practicing Hindu, she also is the embodiment of the type of diversity which is at the very heart of what America was founded upon.”

Like Buttigieg, she will have a strong presence within the democratic party for years to come.

Collision 2018 - Day One

Andrew Yang

The Yang gang is growing to the surprise of many. He is top ten in all the polls and has been out fundraising many of his competitors. Yang was given very little time to speak during the first debate, which will likely change in the next one.

His growth can be contributed to his call for a universal basic income. Yang is calling for the government to give all Americans $1,000 per month. He believes this is necessary because people are at risk of losing their jobs due to new technologies.

julian castro.jpg

Julian Castro

Castro stood out in the first democratic debate and proved he deserves to be in the crowded field of candidates. That said, he is doing terrible in the polls and needs to begin to gain supporters quick if he wishes to remain in the race.

His best chance is to focus on hispanic voters. This is how he became the Mayor of San Antonio and is how he can gain ground in the primaries. Castro needs to focus on this in the second debate. If he does this successfully he will gain more airtime on cable news and will receive a much needed bump in the polls.

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