What You Need To Know About Night One Of Debates Two

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Who Won?

All the candidates with a chance underperformed. They were so bad that author, Marianne Williamson, came off as a realistic candidate.

Some of the lesser known candidates did have a successful night. Steve Bullock and John Delaney got a lot of time on the mic and were on the attack. Both of them tried and likely succeeded to appeal to the more moderate voters. The bad news for them is that they have no chance of winning the nomination.

Although there weren’t any real winners, there certainly were losers. Beto wasn’t horrible, but he again came off as not very intelligent. He repeatedly tried to remind people of his senate loss to Ted Cruz in 2018. His time came and went really fast.

Pete Buttigieg was another candidate who is continuing to lose. He now seems like a second tier candidate even though he is the darling of the media. Mayor Pete is young and will likely run again, but his chances in this race are plummeting.

Trump Was The Real Winner

Trump winning has been a theme of most of the debates. The candidates who have a realistic chance of winning keep moving farther left. In the primaries this will help them, but it will come back to bite them when they have to face Trump. Promising to bankrupt the country is not smart politics.

All the candidates repeatedly mentioned Trump during their allowed time. He was called racist, illegitimate, along with other insults. These constant insults shield Trump when he actually does do stuff wrong. It becomes like “the boy who cried wolf,” when Trump messes up, no one cares.

Socialist Policies Were Exposed

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were constantly on the defense. Their socialist policies were attacked by the more moderate candidates who pointed out that the policies would take freedoms away from Americans.

Bernie Sanders’ healthcare plan would cause over 100 million Americans to lose their current healthcare plans. Former Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, scolded the plan and pointed out that it isn’t realistic. He, and his other more moderate candidates, also scolded the ridiculous Green New Deal.

It Was Painfully Boring

Watching it could have been the most boring television in history.


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