College Football Preview

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Football season is finally upon us. Week 1 starts today and hosts a couple interesting games. Recent National Champion teams Clemson and UCF will both be in action later today, as will a couple other ranked teams.

Season Storylines

Can anyone beat Clemson or Alabama?

Clemson and Alabama are the heavy favorites to win the championship yet again. They are far and away the best teams in the country. For Clemson, Trevor Lawrence will only get better and will likely win the Heisman trophy. Alabama has another top recruiting classes and has motivation after getting beat in the championship last year.

The team with the best chance is Georgia. Georgia has came close and failed the past couple years, yet are the only other team that can match the talent of Alabama and Clemson. Fromm will have to improve, which he likely will, and they will have to deal with the loss of 10 starters. Their recruiting will make the loss of starters less of an issue. Aside from Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, and Oklahoma are the only other teams with a chance. Those teams all have a ton more question marks than Georgia.

Is Harbaugh on the hot seat?

There has been rumbling about Michigan coach, Jim Harbaugh, after he failed again to beat Ohio State. The “hot seat” sentiment around Harbaugh is misguided and stupid. Michigan was terrible before he got there and are now back to being a relevant program. Even though he hasn’t been as successful as fans would like, there isn’t a single coach the Wolverines could get that would be an upgrade from Harbaugh. That said, he’s got to beat Ohio State.

Are the troops for real this year?

Army football is considered one of the best non power 5 teams this year. They have won 10+ games in both 2017 and 2018 and are led by senior quarterback Kelvin Hopkins Jr. Hopkins Jr ran and threw for over 1,000 yards last season. They are a scary team this year and we’ll get to see if they are for real week 2 vs Michigan.

Georgia Tech isn’t running the triple option

When Georgia Tech takes on Clemson they will officially no longer have a triple option offense. This will be bizarre to watch and will take years to adjust to. There coach is gone and they want to progress as a program. It will be weird.

Best Conference?

It’s hard not to say the SEC. Alabama is in it and is consistently the dominate team. They have 4 preseason top ten teams this year and the middle of the conference has improved. The only other conference you could argue for is the Big Ten. The Big Ten without Urban Meyer has less of a chance to make the College Football Playoff.

Biggest upset chances for Week 1

BYU over Utah would technically be an upset, but the spread is only 6 so you can’t really count it. There are two possibilities for big upsets this week. The first is Liberty over #22 Syracuse. Hugh Freeze is at Liberty now and they have a returning senior quarterback alongside two solid running backs. Wisconsin could also be put up upset watch this week as they take on South Florida. South Florida was a highly ranked team last year and Wisconsin has a lot of question marks. Don’t be surprised if one of those teams drop their season opener.


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