Antonio Brown Called Raiders’ GM A ‘Cracker’ During Heated Exchange

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More details are being released about star Raiders receiver Antonio Brown exchange with General Manager Mike Mayock.

Adam Schefter reported the following on twitter earlier this week,

“The Next Chapter: Antonio Brown and GM Mike Mayock got into it Wednesday, and the team is now planning to suspend its star wide receiver, league sources tell ESPN.

Antonio Brown posted the fine letter on social media that Raiders’ GM Mike Mayock sent him. It led to an exchange, which is now leading to further discipline. This is not going away anytime soon.”

This report led to speculation about what would happen to the star wide receiver. He has been a headache for the team this offseason and there were reports that this may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Brown injured his foot earlier this offseason during a cryotherapy session gone wrong. The extreme frostbite he suffered held him out for the begin of pre-season. This was followed by him refusing to play due to not being able to wear the helmet he liked. The superstar was finally getting on the right track with the team when this incident happened.

ESPN reported that Antonio Brown entered the raiders facility and called the GM a ‘cracker’ and then continued to cuss him out.

Mayock reportedly stayed cool during the encounter.

Brown is at risk of jeopardizing his $30 million contract. The raiders could suspend him with hopes to void his contract. They have until Sunday to do this due to the league’s rule on veteran contracts.

Antonio Brown is a once in a generation talent, yet he has proven to be a cancer to his team. The Steelers couldn’t manage him and it looks like the Raiders can’t either. There is likely only one team that can deal with him. A trio of killer B’s would frighten the entire league. Brady, Belichick, Brown.

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