This Democrat Just Passed Mayor Pete And Is Now Tied With Elizabeth Warren:

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According to a new Hill-HarrisX poll, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is now tied with Elizabeth Warren.

Bloomberg and Warren are now tied at 11%, passing Mayor Pete who is at 6%, and behind Bernie Sander who’s polling at 16%. All of them are still well behind Joe Biden polling at 28%.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is self-funding his campaign and is polling strong with 65+ year-old democrats. He is using this demographic to gain relevance despite his late entry into the race. Bloomberg will qualify for future debates and his performances will make or break his campaign.

What this means

This polling does not mean Bloomberg has a chance to win. It means the democrats have an incredibly weak field of candidates. There is now only 1 candidate in the top 4 that is under 77 years old and that is 70 years Warren.

If voters thought McCain was too old to be president in 2008 when he was 71, then being north of 77 may be difficult to elect. Joe Biden will likely be the nominee and if elected would be 86 leaving office if he served two terms.

Democrats are in trouble and Bloomberg further illustrates this. Russia, impeachments, and flat out lies are fear tactics being used by the democrats. These tactics haven’t worked and won’t work. America will have another term by Trump.

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